The Best web Hosting websites in South Africa

Web hosting are focused on speed, security and reliability. Install apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal with just one-click. LightSpeed and Enterprise Storage with all shared hosting plans.Here you will find reviews for the best hosting companies out there.No matter if you are looking for small budget hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, VPS or any other hosting type

Top Web Hosting South Africa, VPS, Reseller Hosting

1.Hostgator – The Best web Hosting in SA

Hostgator is rated to be the Best web hosting company in South Africa

Hostgator south Africa

Starting at R50 per month
Average uptime of 99.1%
Average load time of 389ms

Visit Hostgator
Hostgator South Africa

Back in the year 2002, a person by the name of Brent Oxley began a small web hosting service that was primarily made to cater to the needs of individuals who enjoy computer games that are played on the internet. This service eventually grew exponentially and the company had to make up a new name.Readmore.

2.Afrihost – Most Famous web hosting company in SA

Afrihost Best web host in South Africa

Afrihost Rated the Best in South Africa

Starting at R90 per month
Average uptime of 99.1%
Average load time of 389ms

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Afrihost South Africa

Afrihost may be a massive hosting company and that they square measure best glorious for serving to lower broadband costs in African nation by an enormous margin. They recently introduced cloud based mostly hosting services, creating use of MTN’s information centres. Afrihost offers a large style of hosting packages, as well as each Linux and Windows based mostly solutions.Readmore

3.Axxess – Effiecent Host in South Africa

Axxess Rated the Best in South Africa

Axxess Rated the Best in South Africa

Starting at R50 per month
Average uptime of 99.1%
Average load time of 389ms

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Axxess South Africa

Axxess is one in all the larger ISPs and have won Best ISP in South Africa in 2008, 2009 and 2015. they provide 24×7 technical support. they do not specifically specialize in hosting however do provide hosting packages.Readmore

4.A2 -The Number One web hosting in SA

A2 Hosting Rated the Best in the country

A2 Hosting Rated the Best in South Africa

Starting at R39 per month
Average uptime of 99.1%
Average load time of 389ms

Visit A2 Hosting
A2 South Africa

5.BlueHost-Cheap Web Hosting

BlueHost Affordable WordPress Hosting in South Africa

BlueHost Hosting Rated the Best in South Africa

Starting at R100 per month
Average uptime of 99.1%
Average load time of 389ms

Visit BlueHost
Bluehost South Africa

Bluehost is one of the greatest web hosting providers because they give affordable hosting and great quality customer service for anyone. The business has received several awards, including “Best New Host”, and “Best Purchaser Support” by authoritative web hosting review sites online.Readmore

6.Godday-Trusted Web Hosting

Godday the Best web Hosting Company in Africa

Godday Hosting Rated the Best in South Africa

Starting at R120 per month
Average uptime of 99.1%
Average load time of 387ms

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Godday South Africa

Most people realize that purchasing a single domain name isn’t enough to create an online site. After all, you need a place where you can store your files and other information to develop the site. There are many hosting companies you can go with, but one that really stands out is Godaddy hosting services.Readmore

Dedicated Hosting

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Web hosting

There are hundreds of different web hosting companies on the internet right now, but we have reviewed some of the best web hosting companies to help you make the best decisions when it comes to choosing a hosting to help your internet business grow. You want to have a web hosting that will have little to no downtime. While web hosting companies cannot guarantee 100% uptime every single day, they should at least have a 99.9% uptime as that is a very good percentage.

Whether you are running a personal website or a site for business, the downtime will ruin your reputation and popularity as people get frustrated when they go to a website that is unavailable. What happens when the website is down? Potential customers or people in general will hit the back button, and some might never return. If this is a huge business, then this can make you lose thousands of dollars or more because the potential buyer could have been a loyal customer.

When you are looking for web hosting, you should pay attention to the cost factor, reliability, performance, and customer support. The companies should offer 24/7 customer support through phone, e-mail, or ticket support.

Our website Hosting providers offer the following services

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Litespeed & CloudLinux
  • PHP Versions 5.x, 7 & 7.1
  •  Unlimited MySQL Databases
  •  Virus & Malware Scanning
  •  POP3, IMAP & Webmail
  •  Anti-Spam Filtering
  • Free & Instant Setup
  • Shell (SSH) Access
  •  1-Click Install of +200 Apps
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  •  99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  •  24/7 Technical Support
  • Weekly Backups
  •  No Contracts

Types of web Hosting Explained in South Africa

web hosting south Africa

Shared Hosting

When it involves the most cost effective plans for brand spanking new sites shared hosting is it. consider it as transaction associate lodging in a very massive huddled advanced. the higher quality the shared host the a lot of space you’ve got in your lodging but you ne’er have your own property per say.

Cheaper shared hosts ar cramming a lot of individuals not solely into a similar building however even a similar space.

The lodging would be the science address of your web site. the thought behind shared hosting is that the majority websites don’t get a lot of traffic therefore there’s no reason that they ought to be assigned important server resources. Instead they will share those resources with an outsized pool of different sites.

For a lot of little businesses and bloggers shared hosting is that the most cost-effective net hosting possibility obtainable. once mistreatment shared hosting ensure you a decide a datacenter placed nearer to your potential net guests.

VPS Hosting

Once you’ve got surpassed the capabilities offered by shared hosting heaps of individuals can elect a virtual personal server or VPS. These networks provide you with dilated power while not having to get hold of a frenzied server. you’ll be able to expect bigger power from a VPS as fewer folks area unit visiting your server.

Another and of employing a VPS is you’ve got full management of the server. It’s essentially like having your own house. No got to share it with anyone else.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has become quite in style recently with services like Cloudflare getting used throughout the US. It works sort of a VPS but there’s no dedicated physical address, instead the server is distributed over several many computers. This leads to quicker loading time and may be a terribly ascendable resolution.

One of the simplest elements of victimisation Cloud primarily based hosting is that the second you would like to up your speed all it takes may be a fast request to the hosting company. you’ll be able to additionally up your mainframe usage and disc space simply.

If time period and therefore the ability to scale terribly speedily may be a concern for your business than you ought to seriously take into account cloud primarily based hosting. All of our reviews provide cloud primarily based solutions additionally.

With cloud hosting you’re able to access multiple servers which permit you to use totally different information centers and additionally keep your info personal and secure.

Dedicated Hosting

The top of the road possibility is devoted hosting. this implies essentially you have got a whole server running for yourself that’s committed to your website’s performance.

Reseller Hosting

Think of reseller hosting like white label internet hosting. essentially person A would maintain the server whereas person B would sell hosting as if they were the hosting supplier themselves. Reseller hosting permits you are doing use any of the on top of mentioned types of hosting: dedicated, VPS, cloud and shared.

Resellers typically purchase access to mainframes or high capability servers in bulk then allot totally different components of that to different websites. Hosting of this nature conjointly needs a lot of larger technical data of cPanel and alternative hosting aspects.