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Starting at R50 per month
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FatCow web hosting company began in 1998. When FatCow hosting started, FatCow wanted to offer their own unique way of providing web hosting to customers. FatCow provides many other services besides web hosting. FatCow offers web hosting packages for beginners, experts, and large online businesses.

Whichever plan that you choose by FatCow, you will get a very reliable service and great customer service. Not only do you get great service and satisfaction, but the cost of the plans are very low in prices.

offers a hosting package that is only about $55 dollars per year. This plan has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. This package will give you a website building tool and ecommerce cart as well as five databases for MySQL. Many other different interactive applications are also there for you. If you are not happy with FatCow at all, then there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

MiniMoo plan is offered for people who are in process of designing a site but do not require full web hosting options yet. MiniMoo offers an email account and email forwarding. Additional option is also available for MiniMoo users to put a “coming soon” page to notify web browsing individuals that their website is currently being designed and will be available soon. The MiniMoo Package is only $5/year, but keep an eye for promotion prices.

Hosting offers

hosting offers a very simple way to design your website professionally that cost much less than what you would normally pay to get your site designed. Applications are very simple to use and you should have no problems using them, but customer service is always available to help you out if needed. The individual does not have to be an expert in making websites since, hosting will offer help. Some of the best applications that FatCow offers are blog hosting and designing, ecommerce solution, discussion boards, and many more.

247 Support

The company has a very stable web hosting that can help keep your site up 99.9% of the time. There is daily backup that is provided and account monitoring 24/7. FatCow customer service will be able to help you with any problems that may occur.


When you compare the prices with many other popular web hosting solutions, you will realize that FatCow offers some of the cheapest prices for great services. They will also provide you with free credits for advertising online, such as AdWords credit and advertising for Yahoo search engine.


unlimited bandwidth
unlimited disk space
30-day money back guarantee
247 Support
No Live chat
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